20 juuli 2009

Mould making tutorial, Part 6 - 2nd plaster side

Second plaster side was made exactly the same way as the first. Here is placeholder for second silicone side, made from clay/plastiliin; plaster is covered with vaseline:

First layer of plaster; cardboard base was handy for keeping the mould in place when messing with plaster:

Layers of plaster bandages:

Finishing layer of plaster:

After some quick clean-up and careful knocking on the sides the mould with hammer, the line between the sides becomes visible. Mould is open! Without vaseline it would have been totally impossible.

Here's the opened mould; it doesn't matter that one "ball" is broken:

And here's the second mould side after cleaning and with a couple of air vents drilled in:

Next: modelling the silicone.

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