18 juuli 2009

Mould making tutorial, Part 4 - 1st plaster side

Here are the materials for the next step of mould making - plaster, plaster bandages, water and some paper towels for cleaning.

First layer will be plaster, just to smooth all up. I'd recommend to use resin plaster, as it's harder and somehow finer than ordinary plaster. It' just gives the mould much nicer and not so brittle surface.

Then layers of plaster bandages. This gives the shell fabric armature and makes it much stonger and not as brittle as pure plaster. It is also possible to use pieces of rough fabric, to soak them in liquid plaster. But with bandages it's just so much faster and easier.

Then finishing layer of plaster. Every mould will need some cleaning, and it is not that easy to get smooth surfaces when the fabric is right there.

Here's the mould, removed from the cardboard base.

And here it is, the first plaster side. Some clean up is still needed, but that's after other side is ready.

Now I need to put the statue back in and to make clay placeholder for another silicone side...

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