27 aprill 2011

Corto Maltese bust - 5

Still not ready!...

26 aprill 2011


Joonistajate blogis oli tibuteema.

Cowboy ABC

Visited one second hand bookshop today, was looking around for children book and humor sections (most of the books there are from Soviet era Estonia) and found this little British book from 1960. Printed in Czechoslovakia for some reason or another. Retro!

Call it a Day

There's a new comic book anthology out here, published by Finnish Institute in Estonia - "Call It A Day". Inside it comics stories from the Estonian, Finnish, Latvian and Hungarian authors. 128 pages, 31 writers-artists.

Eestis tegutseva Soome Instituudi väljaandel on ilmunud seesugune raamat - nimeks "Call it a Day", sisuks soome, eesti, ungari ja läti autorite ööpäevateemalised koomiksid. Osa neist oli mõni aeg tagasi Solarises ka näitusena väljas, sama näitus rändab veel tänagi mujal maailmas ringi. (Ungari koomiksifestivalil oli see üleval, soomlaste osa oli väljas ka Moskva koomiksifestivalil KomMissija.)

Formaat on suurem kui varasematel kodumaistel kogumikel, sisu samuti selgem ja arusaadavam kui tavaliselt oma naba uurival eesti autorikoomiksil. Mitu eesti lugu on ikka päris head! Lehekülgede allservas on tõlked inglise keelde, lõpus ülevaated kõigi nelja maa koomikselust ja -autoritest. Sobib seega ka võõramaalastele näidata!

24 aprill 2011

23 aprill 2011


21 aprill 2011

Corto Maltese bust - 3

Some small progress here and there... I should start on base, gives better balance to the whole thing.

18 aprill 2011

Corto Maltese bust - day 2

That's all for the weekend. Will work some on coat tomorrow, but likeness, hat, hair, buttons, insignia and base should wait. It was fun and the result doesn't look half bad. Still, long way to go, but there may be something in there...

17 aprill 2011

Corto Maltese bust - day 1

I just wanted to see can I sculpt after quite a long break when I really didn't had any inspiration or need for it. Brush pen was all I needed... So, this is a little project for this free weekend - a quick comic book character bust from DAS clay. This (paper?) clay is not good for details, so it should be perfect.

The next pictures are of Saturday's progress...

14 aprill 2011


A month ago, on March 18th, Friday, my computer didn't boot up. Long story short - hard drive with Windows XP died.

Fortunately I didn't lose any of my digital photographs, they were on different drives, some of them on two. But on this 3-partition 200GB drive was some stuff I don't have anymore - like articles and digital drawings. I have back-ups of most of the final images, but texture libraries and layered working files are gone.

I also lost my sculpting folders. So - no more reference images, no work-in-progress pictures, no images of final sculptures. What I have are the small versions I've posted on forums or blogs...

There is a slight chance that I may recover data from this disc, as it looks like it was the controller that died, insides of the box may still be working. I just need similar working disc to try... But I'm not counting on it.

For some reason I'm surprisingly zen about it all. Maybe it's time for restart?...


Space Cat


Vihane tihane

Veel üks pilt joonistusblogisse, teemaks kahe hääletuse kombinatsioonis tekkinud "Vihane tihane". Oleks muidugi võinud ju ka jäähokimängija joonistada kui õige mõte õigel ajal pähe oleks vaevunud tulema...


Paar krokodillipilti, esimene 11. koosjoonistamisel tekkinud ja teine lihtsalt üks sketchbooki-kritseldus.

06 aprill 2011


Rapunzel - Gone With The Wind