11 august 2009

Ilsa - more modifications...

Neverending story of Ilsa continues, as I made some modifications to original sculpt's face. Cheekbones looked weird on photos, they looked weird when I held the sculpt at my hand, they looked weird when painted. Now they don't, now the face is pretty cool from every angle. Strange. Why I just couldn't make her to look like this earlier, beats me. But it's really about very very small changes and I really didn't know week or two ago how to make this face to look better.

I also changed the lower lip.

And - I totally forgot about straps I planned to add to the sleeves:

As I know that if I just paint the copies I have now, this will bug me forever. So, there are two options for me -
a) make the straps from Aves, Milliput or some other epoxy putty to every resin copy I want to paint, face will still be the old one;
b) add the straps to the original Cernit sculpt, finish the modified face and make new silicone parts of the mould.

Both options suck, but I think I should go with the second one.

PS: I got some new Italian acrylics by www.maimeri.it - bronze, gold, super gold and pewter. I hope they are better and finer than Russian paints.

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