22 november 2010

Hellboy The Corpse bust - 10

I think I made my personal sculpting record this weekend. Regardless, that full Saturday went for this Estonian-Finnish comics exhibition, I was posting pictures last night. I started on Sunday 1 p.m. and sat by my table practically non stop to 3:50 a.m. It makes... almost 15 hours? Of course it was not only sculpting - also some eating here, plus net, tv and radio from computer in fromt of me, including all 3 episodes of "Rude Britain" documentary.

Results - I made the whole base today from start to finish. Plus baked Corpse's body and one hand and worked on some other details. What is still left, are right hand and rope. Then it is more or less ready. Should really go and take it out of oven... and to go to sleep.

I tried to register to this ConceptArt forum contest, if it works, then I have two days to finish the bust and to take all the needed photos.

I think I will make some little changes later (Corpse's anatomy is not the best), but for now the goal is just to get the whole thing together as fast as possible. Still, with all the flaws I must say I'm pretty happy. Even the base turned out quite cool. Photo tomorrow... Maybe.

(I really want to draw something, read some books or do whatever but sculpting now...)

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