18 november 2010

Hellboy The Corpse bust - 09

What's new? Cut off the right ear of the Corpse and removed it, did some drilling for deeper eyesockets. (Baked the head earlier today. Or yesterday, if I look at the clock.) Also, now there's hole for square plug in Hellboy to fix the Corpse to his back. For this I sculpted and baked the flat area on Corpse's stomach, so he could cling on Hellboy. Shoulders are on different position too. Finally I can see how they will fit together and I like the pose! They work pretty well together. Oh, and another thing - tilted the whole Hellboy to his left shoulder, so the line where Hellboy ends and "stone" base starts will be not horizontal. And probably not that straight.

Tomorrow: neck muscles and shoulders. I made myself a reference collage of the best comic panels from "The Corpse", so I don't need to flip the pages to go from one image to another.

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