11 november 2010

Hellboy The Corpse bust - 06

After spending most of my two days off *desperately* trying to get ATI drivers and Catalyst Control Center of the new video card installed without error messages and to work with my Blu-ray drive (with no success), I ended up finally sculpting some...

[It's crazy when something that worked with older video card just cant stop stuttering and can't play the disks I was watching without a problem some time ago. That "something" is PowerDVD I got with my drive. I f***ing hate it! I want my days back!]

It's 3:41 at night and Hellboy is in the oven. So - head and chest should be ready! Now I'll make the back part of the coat, so I could see how exactly will the Corpse be positioned. There will be a square plug to fix them together (and probably second one to fix the right palm to the coat). Front part of the coat will be more complicated to make, as it must react to the hand somehow.

I think the base will be pretty rough or I just run out of time. Some crumbled headstones, probably.

Half an hour later -
Hellboy is out of oven. This is my third Hellboy, and although the best one is still the smallest - Mignola's recent style is just much better for sculpting - this new one is also pretty cool.

Actually, the best reference for me and for making clay Hellboys is... my own first bust. It's just that when I was sculpting it, I studied so much of all the pictures, angles, details, it's just doesn't make sense to start it all over. Mignola was drawing several details radically different on different images, so there really isn't the one look for H. Like hair - they grow literally in 90 degrees different direction. If he draws them at all, as some details are always in shadows.

Also, when making this one I realized, that I don't like that much how Mignola draws Hellboy in those early stories. His skull is just GIANT, nose is very small, separate hair everywhere... So I am taking some liberties with this. Like Mignola himself, with his later cover for The Corpse.

Now I should post some images... but I'm not, as it is really late and in 7 hours I'd like to be on screening for Unstoppable (Tony Scott, Denzel Washington and Chris Pine).

PS: the eye-to-mouth distance is exactly the same as on Bowen's Abe bust, so even Hellboy's head is bigger and the mouth is open, they should fit together pretty well.

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