07 jaanuar 2010

Liz bust - no face

Okay, I promised myself that on 2010 I will finish one statue per month. Although I already have one made in January (hamster), I took my old and dusty Liz Sherman bust (I started to get similar bust to Bowen's Abe Sapien) and removed the old face - it just didn't work on any level.

The bust itself looks still pretty decent. I'll try to see, can I attach a better face to it. Better than I could've done year or two ago... Updates, as always, whan I have something to show. (Like someone cares... :-) Here I am, talking/writing to myself... )

1 kommentaar:

Josh! ütles ...

Writing to yourself!?!? Are you high!! This is AWESOME!!!! DAMN straight the base and body look good Ivar....they look amazing!!!

Keep it up brother!