11 jaanuar 2010

Liz bust and lamp

When I was in Barnes & Noble in NY, I bought something supposedly meant for reading - small "flex neck" lamp with two LED lights. Not for books, but for getting some hands free light when messing inside computer. Turns out it's quite useful for sculpting!

Ambient light is not very good when sculpting in small size, as it's the shadows what show the details and textures. When working on symmetry it's even harder to get even light, for example, on both sides of the face. And when the light is not symmetrical, it's very hard to see how different are the cheeks or are the eyelids on the same level. With this spotlight it's much easier to check those details.
About the bust - it's still w.i.p., trying to get the face symmetry right, her left side is more or less there by now.

And this weird thing on her head - it is supposed to look like flames. Not sure I'll use it, but when I first made this bust, I tried to make separate "flame hat" to go with it. Translucent resin is too smelly and toxic, so I don't think I will try it, but maybe I'll make something like this from usual white Smooth-On resin.

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