25 september 2008

Abe Sapien statue - 05

Pisut progressi ka skulptuuririndel - Abe Sapieni kõhulihased on konkreetsemad, vasak jalg hakkab valmima ja selg, mida delikaatsusest siinkohal parem ei näita, võtab ka vaikselt kuju. Püüangi kõhu- ja seljalihastega ühele poole saada ja siis - ahju ning edasi teiste detailide kallale. Vaikselt hakkab ka tunduma, et ehk peaks kõndimismulje vähendamiseks pisut paremat kätt langetama... Aga eks näeb.

Lisaks lammutasin (ikka veel!) lõpetamata Lizi büsti vasaku näopoole, seegi ootab uuendamist, sest kõik muu peale näo on ju juba igiammu valmis.

Some small progress on Abe, working on front and back muscles... Left leg is also almost there. Then - to oven and to the next details!

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Jakob Westman ütles ...

Ivar, I think you should twist his shoulders a bit counter-clockwise. To better compensate for the movement in the legs and hips.

I also think it looks a bit wierd with his left knee bended like that. I tried to walk around and looking at how and when I actually bend the knees. And in that position I don't.

Also, don't you think he has normal five toed feet? I think so.

Jakob Westman ütles ...

Also, don't you think he should be slightly leaner? Much less bulky than Hellboy.

You could probably just trim down the volume of the abs and he'd look just fine.

Here's a recent favourite of mine:

Jakob Westman ütles ...

Or here,
very lean and - just like Hellboy - no shoulders at all.


Ivar ütles ...

Wow, comments in my blog! I'm shocked!
Hi, Jakob!

I'm trying to answer some...
Toes - you know, it's hard to find ANY reference on legs. Action figure and magnet look like he has two...
Nothing is set to stone, so to speak. I'd like to find all the reference I need from more recent books, but I think I need to go through older albums too.

Shoulders are always problematic... I'll make them smaller when I have body baked, then I'll make new hands.

Actually, I don't really like if he'll look like he's walking, I'd prefer him to stand on his toes, like on magnet. But I need to have contact with base...

I already made him thinner. Actually, sharp shadows make abs look bigger, I already trimmed them down too.

At the moment I'm trying to figure out the back muscles...
I'll probably rotate the body a little.