08 august 2011

No superheroes, just boobs

sketchbooks #755/1000 and #756/1000 plus promo postcard

Today was a pretty good day in post office. For example, I got two copies of promotional sketchbooks/samplers for Bruce Timm's upcoming artbook Naughty and Nice. Got them directly from the publisher John Flesk with small catalogue and several promo postcards, so big thanks to him for sending them to Estonia!

I had 3 Bruce Timm sketchbooks before, all of them are in black and white and look like real lo-fi sketchbooks, made on copy machine. This one is real full color book with 19 pictures of extremely pretty naked ladies. So, no superheroes. As much as I know those drawings will not be in the final artbook, so it makes this sb even more special.

By the way, one of the images here is the one I've seen a very good little statue made of.

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