22 oktoober 2010

Pop Sculpture contest

"Pop Sculpture: How to Create Action Figures and Collectible Statues", a making-of book about... pop sculptures, is out now. (It has a blog, I was writing about it here months ago.)

Based on this video it's pretty good and I really should order it. I'd done that already, but for some weird reason it isn't available in Amazon.com and in UK it will come out in December.

Anyway, to celebrate the release of this book, there's a scupting competition in conceptart.org - The Official Comiquette Challenge 2010 Competition. Deadline is November 23. The Brief: Sculpt your favourite action comic character.

The statue or bust should be made between Oct 19 and Nov 23; there should be 6 photos taken, including a photo of armature with piece of fruit next to it.

I have an idea for another Hellboy bust, this time the same size as my Liz and official Abe. I think it's called "Bowen scale". If I'll make it, it should really be the last Hellboy I'll ever make... but the idea is actually pretty good. I'll see, if I could make the armature over the weekend, I may take part of this competition. if I could finish it in time, then it will be the fastest polymer clay statue I've ever made.

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