08 detsember 2009

Celebrity Spotting in NY?...

There's a joke that me and my girlfriend could make a perfect customs officer. I have a really good memory for faces. My girlfriend remembers every name, be it some obscure actor or place, when her memory for faces is as bad as mine is for names.

So, we were in New York a month ago. A month?!? Already?!? On third day (Nov 11th) we - me, Mari and Andreas - walked around, went to KidRobot, B&H Photo, some bookshops. Basically, just walked around, taking photos and trying to visit some places in my Google map.

Somewhere in SoHo I saw someone who looked very much like singer from the Scottish band Travis. (Saw them long time ago in Hultsfred Festival, Sweden, on a small indoor stage. They weren't that famous back then...) He came out of the house and he had a little boy with him. I told about it to others, but wasn't taking it too seriously, as seeing someone familiar-looking in a city with several million people is probably nothing that special.

I was thinking that I should look around in the net, just to see, are there any possibilities that this doppelgänger really could have been singer from Travis. Most probably the band was on tour in Japan on this day or something.

So, tonight I remembered it. And - turned out that Travis was in NY, performing 6-12 Nov in a place called Joe's Bub. An not only that, Wikipedia says that Francis Healy has apartment in SoHo. And has little son.

Funny. So I think I saw not one, but two musicians in New York. Another was Wyclef Jean (I don't know much about) performing in Best Buy on Union Square.

Travis in Hultsfred Festival,
Sweden, summer 1999

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