11 juuli 2013

Shopping Fantagraphics

Quality comics publisher Fantagraphics had quite a big sale in it's webshop at the end of the May, with some of the books 75% off the regular cover price. I bought 4, they took the money, but then I heard nothing. 50 days later the status of my order was still "Confirmed"...

Yesterday I received an apologetic e-mail, saying that they sent some of the books on 3rd week of the June. They hope to post rest of the back ordered books by the end of July, they are sorry for this incredible delay.

Today I received the first packet. Inside was Lewis Trondheim book and Joost Swarte bonus mini comic. So - Swarte collection, Dave McKean book and Milton Caniff biography are back ordered...

BUT - the book I received was in mint condition, and, as seen on the photo, it was packed very carefully. If only Amazon could start posting it's books with protected corners - latest one I received from them was massive Hellboy Library Edition #6, with all corners heavily smashed. Now they are sending replacement (they just looove to send replacements, instead of decent packaging), but I have little hope for receiving it intact.

And - so it was.

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