15 juuli 2013

New statuette

I just want to see, can I still sculpt... So, this here will be a quick little statuette. I will update the same post with all the work-in-progress pictures, hopefully from the start until it's ready and painted. No mould-making, just one copy.

Let's start!

Elina and her birthday present!

(Started this statuette on Monday, when I had the day off; sculpting (Cernit + Aves Apoxie) was finished on first hours of Friday; priming, painting and "dullcoating" was made on Friday afternoon. Some touch-ups are still needed, but basically it was delivered just on time on Friday evening! :-) )

But - the statuette needed some touch-ups, so I took it back and made some improvements with paint and brush. Made new birds and flowers to the cake and some modifications here and there. Now I think it's ready!

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