15 jaanuar 2011

Hellboy The Corpse bust - 14

So I started over the Corpse. Head is the same, it was ok, but the body with it's armature is new. Actually, I discovered that the old skinny body was not only anatomically weird (what I knew right away), it is also a little bit too wide for this size of the head.

I hope the new pose will be better - right shoulder is lower now, left is higher. This time the interaction of the Corpse with Hellboy will be better. It will look more like he is hanging there, but as the pose is more dynamic, the pointing hand and head are actually higher. The latter, because the neck is longer.

Another nice point is that the plugs for hands are both horizontal and tighter, so they won't fall off that easily. Better to move the statue around, easier to take pictures.

By the way, if someone is interested - the ratio for this grey clay mix is:
black: 2/16 of 100 gram Cernit block = 12,5 g
white: 1/2 of 250 gram Cernit block = 125 g
So, it's basically 1:10 mix. It's totally random, it just made sense to cut one block to 16 pieces and another to half for mixing. Nice numbers!

I will take some deadline-less time now to work on it, if I have something new to show, I'll post new pictures. I'm trying to start another long waiting bust, so I'll probably work on both of them in shifts. The other one is not from comics, it's a 1:4 likeness I already tried once with not that much luck. I even made/turned a wooden (apple tree) base for it several years ago... I'll see, maybe I'm better now, on 2011. This bust is something I wanted to have right from the time when I started with this hobby.

Okay, it's Saruman.

3 kommentaari:

ELMEN/ Daniel Martinez Muñoz ütles ...

I´m from Spain I saw your blog and it´s amazing, I have to congratulate him for his work
are very good.
I saw this http://pikseldused.blogspot.com/2010/11/hellboy-corpse-bust-08.html
A copy is available in resin? I´m model maker in my country and this piece will be completed my
Hellboy collection. Have other kits available?

Thanks a lot.
mi mail

Jakob Westman ütles ...

Impressed with your endurance Ivar. Watch out with the corpse's head so that his eye sockets (and the area around it) doesn't look like goggles. In my opinion, with the horizontal piece from his eyes to his ears, it's a bit close to that at the moment.

Ivar ütles ...

Jakob - this statue turned out to be an anatomy lesson, so I'm trying slowly work through it, and trying to learn as much as I can when sculpting.

I noticed the goggles-syndrome myself, but it isn't that jarring in real life. I'll look into it when the whole character is ready.

Elmen - I'm happy tyhat you like my stuff, thanks! Sadly I don't have any kits - I must import all the materials, silicone and resin, I don't think that trying to get into kit making business is really worth it.
There are a couple of my Hellboys in US and Europe, but they are given/traded to friends. Sorry!